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Compare FocusFixer, USM, and SmartSharpen. You will be surprised.


"Love it! Great job in hiding the incredible math that underpins the artistic and technical abilities of the FixerLabs V3 plug-ins." Leslie Vance, USA.

"Open an image in Photoshop and subtely and meticulously improve and refine image delineation using FocusFixer." Clives Haynes, UK RPS DIGIT.

"Highly recommended" Uwe Steinmeuller.

"..noticably superior to unsharp masking." James Barton - James Barton design

"..the effect of seeing soft focus removed is really astonishing!" Ron Giddings

" .. it really is a fantastic product. I've sharpened up pictures that Smart Sharpen cannot manage ... excellent value". Bob Brind-Surch


To see an example of the original FocusFixer V1 at work take a look here.




Now 64-bit for Windows
Updated for Photoshop Creative Cloud.

FocusFixer V3 is now 64-bit for Windows and Photoshop CS4 to Creative Cloud.

Use FocusFixer V3 to:
  • Pre-sharpen all your photographs to perfection, and
  • Rescue photographs when the camera autofocus has a bad day.
With its LensFIT technology, Photoshop automation, larger resizable previews, and Auto-deblur, FocusFixer V3 delivers sharp, beautiful photographs from your originals.

FocusFixer V3 restores detail, adds clarity, and gives you quality results. Use it on digital photographs and even scanned film photographs.
  • 64-bit now works with Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 and Creative Cloud.
  • State-of-art third-generation image deconvolution gives striking results.
  • Improved fine control over presharpening.
  • Improved Auto-deblur hits the spot every time.
  • Latest camera profiles included to model your camera and lens.
  • Improved and easier installation.

FocusFixer V2 introduced auto-focus "after the event" in the form of auto-deblur. The smartest algorithm ever to appear in a software sharpening tool simulates camera auto-focus after you have taken your photograph.

FocusFixer V3 takes this further and transforms any real lens - it frees you from the limitations of your optics and guides you to perfection in sharpening.

Mouse-over to see photograph before FocusFixer V3 (crop viewed at 100%) - "the effect is like a new and better lens". Canon 10D photograph courtesy John Gray ARPS - FocusFixer V3 applied to one image, and both images treated identically with a little brightness and contrast and saved for web as JPEG at 100% quality.

See more examples of FocusFixer in action.




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A note for Mac users: FixerBundle V2 (32-bit) is still available here. FixerBundle V3 64-bit plugins will be available with new technology for Mac in Q1 2014.


Try now for 30-days free! Buy 64-bit FocusFixer V3 for Windows before the trial ends and get a 50% discount.

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